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by Doggo

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released May 19, 2016

All songs performed by Doggo
All songs written by Doggo

Doggo is: Doggo

Mike Pinto: guitar/vocals
Brian Weglicki: bass
Miles Ziskind: drums

Recorded @ Beach House by Brian
Mixed and mastered on GarageBand by Barnacles Inc.(TM Symbol)



all rights reserved


Doggo Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

we'll get u to school on time.

Mike Pinto- guitar and vocals

Brian Weglicki- Bass

Miles Ziskind- drums

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Track Name: Lobotomy
Im gonna get a surgery on my hands to make me stop dropping everything. Im gonna get a surgery on my lips, maybe Ill get them sewn shut tightly. So i stop talking so much and go out and do something for myself instead of wasting, rotting, decaying.

Progress, its a waste of time.
Progress, Im a waste of time.

Im gonna get a surgery on my hands to make me more able and more complete. Im gonna get a surgery on my brain, maybe ill get a lobotomy. So they stick it in my eye and show me what Ive done wrong all this time Ive wasted waiting around doing nothing to progress myself.

We dont change we stay the same, driven by our wants and needs.
Track Name: Jesus Iverson
Trying to find a way out of the dark this time with nothing but a keylight.
Track Name: Rum Beans
Doing strange things in my sleep. Waking up with cold feet. Wondering if Ive got it in me, if theres anything left to give
The lights they get much dimmer, my thoughts they get much thinner.
Sooner or later I'll fail.
I know youd rather be sleeping than slipping under me.
Its so bad for your development when youre in and all your friends are all out with their loved ones. You can feel the failure sinking in.

Im sinking in.
Track Name: Star Trek Lazy Boi
I am so lazy, stare at the tv screen
Its so hard to find motivation.

Youre so dumb yeah Ive heard it 100,000 times before.
Youre so dumb yeah ive heard it doesnt sting if you just own it.

I could have got out of here if I would have got my shit together, put down the remote and picked up a book. If i paid attention in 9th grade biology maybe I wouldnt have dropped out of community but Im so lazy.
Stare at the tv screen.
Track Name: Passive
You could be the sunlight that blinds everyone with every look you cast.
You could be more direct in your times of duress

I dont know what Im doing here, if I love the sound of my own voice. Maybe I should just shut the fuck up. Shut the fuck up or go the fuck home.

I was feeling uninspired but youre being passive aggressive again. Your back bone its missing when will you just go grow one. Were fed up with you using your problems as a crutch. To stamper to step on the feelings of everyone else.