Hotel Carlyle

by Doggo

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we used to be a slightly different band with slightly different members and a slightly different name but now we r this band with these members and this name and we wrote this bad boy in about 8 months and here it is, the critically un-acclaimed rock album of the decade, Hotel Carlyle


released March 7, 2017

All music written by *the Doggos

Tracked, Mixed, and Produced by Lev Ziskind at Quartz Club Recordings
Mastered by Dan Anderson
Hand Painted Sign by Joie Chitwood

*its actually just Doggo



all rights reserved


Doggo Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

we'll get u to school on time.

Mike Pinto- guitar and vocals

Brian Weglicki- Bass

Miles Ziskind- drums

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Track Name: Carl
Mimi and Carolin always play, needless to say thats my whole day. I dont go outside anymore, unless Im working my fingers to the bone.

My voice, it will come back soon, unless I keep smoking way too many cigarettes. I hope that time passes me by so I can find a sufficient excuse for my insolence.

Can u feel rain as it washes away ur indiscretions and the pain starts to fade?
Read a good book or watch a movie.
Cus thats all u got o thats all u got.
Track Name: Scully
Im so sweaty all the time, I cant feel my skin its slime, give me an air conditioner Ill stay in side

Watch the Xfiles
Scully they're real I swear

I dont even go outside anymore cus i cant stand to hear u talk. Having conversation for conversation's sake, ur putting me to sleep.

Watch the Xfiles
Scully they're real I swear

hey mulder it me
Track Name: Jesus Iverson
Trying to find a way out of the dark this time with nothing but a key light

Track Name: Rum Beans
Doing strange things in my sleep, waking up with cold feet. Wondering if i got it in me, if theres anything left to give.
The lights they get much dimmer, my thoughts they get much thinner. Sooner or later I'll fail.

I know u'd rather be, sleeping than slipping under me

Its so bad for your development when ur in and all ur friends are all out with their loved ones. U can feel the failure sinking in

Im sinking in
Track Name: Lobotomy
Im gonna get a surgery on my hands so I stop dropping everything Im gonna get a surgery on my lips maybe ill get them closed shut tightly.
So i stop talking so much and go out and do something for myself instead of rotting wasting decaying.

Progress Im a waste of time
Progress says Im a waste of time

im gonna get a surgery on my hands so im able and more complete im gonna get a surgery on my brain mayb ill get a lobotomy so they stick it in my eye and tell me what ive done wrong all this time ive wasted wating around doing nothing to progress myself

we dont change we stay the same, driven by our wants and needs
Track Name: Yacht Bois (2016)
Im sick of this dead end job, not having any money I need a get away
Sometimes u gotta do things that u dont want to just to pay the bills and eat some food

I cant go on a cruise Ill never own a yacht yeeeee right
Ill never own a yacht ye right ur wrong

Yacht Bois (2016) u know wut that means, u go get the ciroc ill go buy a yacht

Im sick of waking up at six in the morning y do i gotta be just like my dad
Ive got all these stupid problems, Im gonna complain about each and everyone so u will hear

I cant go on a cruise, Ill never own a yacht yeeeee right
Ill never own a yacht ye right ur wrong

Yacht Bois (2016) u know wut that means, u go get the ciroc ill go buy a yacht
Track Name: Monday Nite Raw(r) xD lol
Breaking the bank, the funds are running dry, Ill get my money right, in due time or Ill go hungry

I know u arent far behind watching my every move
Track Name: Thin Lizzards
Do u remember the last time we were smiling in the same room?
Ye no neither do i. Its a shame were connected by blood

Do u remember the last time i felt sane around u?

Its a crapshoot trying to reach u. Its a shame no one will b able to, Cus u stab me in the neck when i come near, u keep putting it off u keep putting it off

Its a shame no one will reach u
cus i know dam well i will never try to
Track Name: Talker
I dont need an explanation, I dont need the run around, and the words they dont matter, as long as I know what im saying

Ill be in the backyard, so u know where not to find me, I navigated so carefully, so not to interrupt ur sleep

But fuck u and ur sleep

Everybodys looking for trouble where its not and everybodys got their heads stuck so far up their asses, its hard to tell whats real or hell or who to trust or believe, cus everything it falls apart and nothing lasts forever